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In the bustling world of Tamil cinema, where creativity knows no bounds, comes a futuristic spectacle that promises to leave audiences spellbound. “Star 2024,” directed by Parasuram and co-written with Vasu Varma, is a Telugu romantic family drama film that transcends time and space.

Release DateMay, 2024
ProductionYuvan Shankar Raja
CastKavin, Aaditi Pohankar

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The film boasts an ensemble cast, each bringing their A-game to the screen:

  1. Vijay Deverakonda: The heartthrob of Tollywood, Vijay plays the lead role. His charisma and intensity are bound to keep viewers glued to their seats.
  2. Mrunal Thakur: A talented actress, Mrunal adds depth and emotion to her character.
  3. Ajay Ghosh: Known for his powerful performances, Ajay takes on a pivotal role.
  4. Divyansha Kaushik: Her grace and charm light up the screen.
  5. Abigayle Scobee: A fresh face, Abigayle brings youthful energy to the film.


“Star 2024” unfolds in a world where interstellar travel is not just a dream but a reality. Set in the year 2024, it follows the journey of two star-crossed lovers, Aditya (Vijay Deverakonda) and Meera (Mrunal Thakur). Aditya, a brilliant astrophysicist, discovers a wormhole that connects Earth to a distant galaxy. Meera, an artist, stumbles upon a mysterious artifact that holds the key to unlocking the wormhole’s secrets.

As they unravel the cosmic mysteries, they find themselves torn between duty and love. The fate of humanity rests in their hands as they embark on a perilous mission to save Earth from an impending catastrophe. Along the way, they encounter alien civilizations, ancient prophecies, and a hidden agenda that threatens everything they hold dear.

Box Office and Budget:

“Star 2024” has already made waves at the box office. With a budget of approximately 10 crore, the film has managed to capture hearts worldwide. Its unique blend of romance, science fiction, and family drama has struck a chord with audiences of all ages.

Final Thoreau:

As the credits roll, “Star 2024” leaves us pondering our place in the universe. It reminds us that love transcends time and space, and that sometimes, our destiny lies among the stars.



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