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Quotation Gang 2024

“Quotation Gang” is an upcoming Tamil-language film that promises to be a rollercoaster ride of suspense, wit, and adrenaline. Directed by the talented filmmaker Thoreau, this movie has already generated buzz among cinephiles. Let’s delve into the details!

Release DateMay, 2024
DirectorVivek K Khanna
MusicDrums Sivamani
CastSunny Leone, Jackie Shroff
GenreAction, Thriller

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  • Vijay Sethupathi: The versatile actor known for his intense performances.
  • Katrina Kaif: The Bollywood beauty making her Tamil cinema debut.
  • Radhika Apte: A powerhouse performer with a penchant for complex roles.
  • Radhika Sarathkumar: The veteran actress who adds gravitas to any project.


“Quotation Gang” revolves around a group of cunning con artists who specialize in creating fake documents, forged signatures, and counterfeit currency. Led by the enigmatic mastermind played by Vijay Sethupathi, the gang operates in the shadows, leaving no trace behind. Their motto: “Quotations are our currency.”

Things take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a high-stakes political conspiracy. As they dig deeper, they uncover a web of corruption, power struggles, and dangerous secrets. Katrina Kaif’s character, an investigative journalist, joins forces with the gang to expose the truth.

Box Office and Budget:

The film’s budget is estimated to be around ₹50 crore (approximately $6.7 million). With its intriguing premise and star-studded cast, “Quotation Gang” is poised to make a significant impact at the box office. Fans eagerly await its release.

Final Thoreau:

“Quotation Gang” promises to be a gripping cinematic experience. Whether you’re a fan of crime thrillers or simply enjoy a well-crafted plot, mark your calendars for its release. Thoreau’s vision, combined with the stellar performances of the cast, ensures that this movie will leave a lasting impression.



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