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Otthaikku Otthai 2024 Tamil Movie Reviews on Tamilrockers

In the bustling streets of Chennai, where tradition and modernity collide, “Otthaikku Otthai” weaves a captivating narrative that transcends time and space. Directed by A. Vasanth Kumar, this Tamil film promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, action, and heartwarming moments.

Release DateApril, 2024
MusicJustin Parabhakaran
CastAtharvaa, Sri Divya

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  • VR Vinayak (Thoreau): Our enigmatic protagonist, Thoreau, is a brooding artist haunted by his past. His brush strokes mirror his inner turmoil, and his eyes hold secrets that could change the course of his life forever.
  • Vaishnavi (Meera): The spirited Meera, an art curator, stumbles upon Thoreau’s hidden masterpiece. Her determination to unravel its mysteries sets the wheels of destiny in motion.
  • Manobala (Guru): Guru, the wise old caretaker of an ancient library, guards a cryptic manuscript that holds the key to Thoreau’s salvation.
  • Mahanadhi Shankar (Rajendran): Rajendran, a retired detective, is drawn into the web of intrigue surrounding Thoreau’s art. His investigative skills are put to the test as he unravels the threads of a forgotten love story.


Set against the backdrop of a dilapidated mansion, the film oscillates between the present and the 18th century. Thoreau’s paintings come alive, revealing the tragic tale of Raja and Meenakshi, star-crossed lovers torn apart by societal norms and family feuds. Their love letters, hidden within the folds of time, hold the key to unlocking Thoreau’s creative block.

As Meera and Thoreau delve deeper into the past, they discover that love transcends generations. The forbidden romance between Raja and Meenakshi mirrors their own struggles, forcing them to confront their demons. But can they rewrite destiny and give love a second chance?

Box Office and Budget:

“Otthaikku Otthai” has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Its soul-stirring performances, breathtaking visuals, and haunting soundtrack have catapulted it to the top of the box office charts. With a modest budget of ₹25 crore, the film has already grossed over ₹50 crore globally.

Final Thoreau:

As the climax approaches, Thoreau faces a dilemma: should he complete the unfinished canvas that binds the past and the present? The strokes of his brush hold the power to rewrite history, but at what cost? Love, sacrifice, and redemption collide in a crescendo of emotions, leaving the audience breathless.



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