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Oomai Vizhigal 2024 Tamil Movie Reviews on Tamilrockers

“Oomai Vizhigal” (transl. Mute Eyes) is an intense Indian Tamil-language crime thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Directed by R. Aravindraj, the film features a stellar cast and a gripping storyline.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorV S
MusicA H Kashif
CastPrabhu Deva, Mamta Mohandas

Oomai Vizhigal 2024 Tamil Movie: Download HD on Tamilrockers

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  • Vijayakanth: As the determined detective
  • Arun Pandian: In a pivotal role
  • Karthik: Portraying a mysterious character
  • Chandrasekhar: Adding depth to the narrative
  • Jaishankar: In a memorable performance
  • Ravichandran and Malaysia Vasudevan: In intriguing negative roles

The film revolves around a series of gruesome murders that shake a quiet neighborhood. The victims all have one thing in common: their eyes are missing. As the investigation unfolds, the detective (played by Vijayakanth) delves into the dark secrets hidden behind closed doors. The suspense builds as he uncovers a web of deceit, betrayal, and revenge.

“Oomai Vizhigal” has garnered significant attention at the box office. With a moderate budget, the film managed to captivate audiences with its intriguing plot and strong performances. The suspenseful narrative kept viewers guessing until the very end.

“Oomai Vizhigal” stands out as a well-crafted crime thriller that leaves a lasting impact. The haunting visuals, gripping screenplay, and stellar performances make it a must-watch for fans of the genre. As the detective races against time to catch the elusive killer, the audience is left with a sense of unease and anticipation.



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