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Narkali 2024

Narkali, directed by A. Vasanth Kumar, is an upcoming Tamil-language film that promises to captivate audiences with its blend of suspense, drama, and unexpected twists. Set against the backdrop of a quaint village, the movie delves into the secrets hidden within its ancient walls. Let’s explore the cast, storyline, box office collection, budget, release date, and the much-awaited trailer.

Release DateMay, 2024
DirectorVZ Dhorai
CastAmeer Sultan, Gopi Gpr

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VR Vinayak: As the enigmatic protagonist, Vinayak brings depth and intensity to his role.

Vaishnavi: The talented actress portrays a mysterious woman with a haunting past.

Manobala: Known for his impeccable comic timing, Manobala adds a touch of levity to the otherwise intense narrative.

Mahanadhi Shankar: A seasoned actor, Shankar’s performance promises to leave a lasting impact.


Narkali unfolds in the village of Thoreau, where time seems to stand still. The villagers live harmoniously, but beneath their smiles lie buried secrets. When Vinayak, an outsider, arrives seeking solace, he stumbles upon a series of inexplicable events. Strange occurrences—a missing girl, cryptic symbols, and eerie whispers—plunge him into a web of intrigue.

As Vinayak digs deeper, he discovers that the village conceals a hidden treasure—one that has eluded generations. But with treasure comes danger, and the villagers guard their secrets fiercely. Vaishnavi, the enigmatic woman, becomes Vinayak’s ally, and together, they unravel the truth behind Narkali.

Box Office and Budget:

Narkali has generated buzz even before its release. The film’s budget, estimated at ₹10 crore (approximately $1.3 million), reflects the commitment to quality production. With its gripping storyline and stellar performances, industry experts predict a successful box office run.

Final Thoreau:

Narkali promises to be a cinematic experience like no other—a journey into the heart of mystery, where every frame holds a clue. As the release date approaches, anticipation grows. Will Vinayak unravel the village’s secrets? Or will Narkali remain an enigma forever? Buckle up for a roller-coaster ride of emotions, suspense, and unexpected revelations.



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