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Gurukulam 2024 Tamil Movie Reviews on Tamilrockers

In the heart of Tamil cinema, where melodies echo through lush landscapes, “Gurukulam” weaves a captivating tale of passion, tradition, and self-discovery. Let’s delve into the world of this musical drama.

Release DateJuly, 2024
MusicSabesh Murali
CastVijay Sethupathi, Katrina Kaif
GenreAction, Romance

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  • Lead Cast:
    • Vijay Sethupathi as Aravind, a gifted musician haunted by his past.
    • Katrina Kaif as Meera, an enigmatic dancer with secrets of her own.
    • Radhika Apte as Kalyani, the stern yet compassionate headmistress of Gurukulam.
    • Radhika Sarathkumar as Rajeshwari, the legendary singer who mentors Aravind.


Set against the backdrop of a centuries-old music school, Gurukulam, the film follows Aravind, a prodigious violinist haunted by a tragic accident. His fingers, once nimble, now tremble with guilt. Meera, a mysterious dancer, arrives at Gurukulam, seeking solace from her own troubled past. Their paths collide, igniting a passionate yet forbidden love.

As Aravind and Meera explore their shared love for music, they uncover hidden melodies within themselves. The ancient walls of Gurukulam resonate with their compositions, echoing the pain and longing that bind them. But tradition stands in their way—Kalyani, the strict headmistress, forbids any romantic entanglements among students.

Box Office and Budget:

“Gurukulam” struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Its soul-stirring music and poignant performances catapulted it to success. The film’s budget, a modest 200 crores, was well-utilized. Thoreau spared no expense in recreating the lush landscapes and intricate dance sequences. The film’s pre-release business reached an impressive 135 crores, a testament to its anticipation.

Final Thoreau:

In a poignant climax, Aravind and Meera perform together at Gurukulam’s annual concert. Their music transcends boundaries, touching the divine. As the sun sets, casting a golden hue on the ancient banyan tree, Thoreau leaves us with a whispered truth: “Love, like music, knows no rules.”



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